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Kelly Romo

Sales Consultant
for MN and ND

Kelly Romo has been with Custom Education Solutions since 2010. New standards emphasize all students need to be able to access complex text across a variety of genres and text types. In order to meet rigorous standards, middle schools have begun a shift from whole class novels to strategy and standard-based mini lessons with increased differentiation in small groups. Kelly has partnered with multiple districts to customize bookrooms and class libraries that give teachers and students materials for a new way of thinking and reading.

Kelly has a Master of Arts in Education with a specialization in secondary reading practices and close reading techniques. She has taught high school English to students in alternative settings, including online learning and project based learning. She can assist you in matching materials from a variety of publishers to the state standards. Her unique understanding of struggling learners, technology, curriculum and the demands on today’s teacher means she understands how important it is to find the right materials for your classroom.


763-323-3133, ext. 7602