My Favorite 16 Books of 2016

At the end of the year, I find it helpful to reflect back on my reading for the past year. Along with looking at the total number of books I read, and it’s never as many as I hope because there are SO many good books I want to read and never enough time, I also think back on the ones I consider the best I’ve read that year. These favorites are typically the books I recommend the most to others throughout the year, and the ones that stick with me in some way. My students would always ask me, “What’s your favorite book, Mrs. Heise?” and my response was usually, “I can’t pick just one – there are too many I love!” Also, for the picture books, this was especially hard to narrow down!

For that reason, and because I want to share good books with educators that will impact their students, but I realize I have to cut if off somewhere, here are My 16 Favorite Books of 2016.

I hope you found some of your favorites also, and some new titles for you to check out!
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